Hugo + Stripe = Products handling

Hi there,
We are creating a new eCommerce with only 3 products for now.
Our goal is to use Stripe to handle products, orders & payments.
By products, I mean, there is a tab in Stripe for product creation.
I am not sure what needs to be done:

  • creating a json file for products in Hugo
  • or creating the products in Stripe and calling for the products via API

We will also aim to use the prebuilt checkout from Stripe.
This doc is extensive but not sure what needs setting up first.

Did anyone has experience with integrating Stripe as main back-end dashboard for products, orders & customers handling?
We don’t want to use Snipcart, it’s just too much fees added on at the end of the day, we want to minimise the costs as much as possible.

Hopefully, this all makes sense,

This is how Netlify would do it:

Thanks pkollitsch,
It does give some help but, as per their demo, you can only add one product in the cart at a time.
I’ve tried added the two products but won’t cache it or keep the previously added products.
Must come from their js files?

Search for <template id="product"> on the Netlify page. This is where it all happens. They have ONE form per product, so you can buy only one product. It’s not really a shopping cart solution.

If I would have to fix that into multiple products I would place the form tags and the submit button outside of the template tag. There would have changes to be made on the javascript too, because it needs to calculate the totals somehow and fetch x products, not one before submitting to stripe. But that’s a bit out of my expertise and time.

Have a look at this one Blazing fast static eCommerce site with Hugo, LiveMart & Stripe

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