Tutorial for SEO with HUGO and Academic theme?

This is noob question, but I think a brief tutorial will be helpful for many first time users.

In general, SEO is about having quality content.

As far as the secondary things like valid HTML structure, sufficient meta tags, etc., the Academic theme has these.


SEO is not necessarily a topic for Hugo. Yes, there are internal templates for twitter, facebook etc. But SEO is a lot more.

To give you an idea: If we work on a Hugo project the customer gets basic SEO included. Specific SEO costs nearly the same (or even more) than the site itself.

So unfortunately your question isn’t easy to answer. Best tip I have for you: Learn about the SEO in Hugo by examining the internal templates and then pick a tutorial (eventually from Udemy) and learn about SEO in detail. Then you can extend the internal templates or create your own.

In my opinion there’s no other way.

1st. Content
2nd. HTTPS - go Let’s Encrypt

You can add keywords to partial header.html

{{ if .IsHome }}
    <meta name="keywords" 
          content="{{ range first 25 $.Site.Taxonomies.tags.ByCount }}{{.Name}},{{end}}" />
{{ else }}
    <meta name="keywords" 
           content="{{ range $index, $value := .Params.tags }}{{ if gt $index 0 }},{{ end }}{{ . }}{{ end }}" />
{{ end }}

not perfect but works :slight_smile:

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I had the same question, especially there were quite many H1 tags.
You can easily optimize your site structure by copying the html creation files from \themes\academic\layouts\partials\widgets to a newly created custom folder \layouts\partials\widgets in your root and modify all h1 tags into h2, or whatever you want to change.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

This site give some examples about how major sites are using JSON-LD https://jsonld.com/article/

But yeah, it seems that putting in the work for good content (with “proper structure”) is the way to go.