_internal templates?

In the documentation, it says

Hugo ships with a group of boilerplate templates that cover the most common use cases for static websites.

I generated a new site, and new theme, but I don’t see those boilerplate templates anywhere in the structure.

Have those been depreciated? Or am I missing something?


Hugo does not ship with a default theme, you have to get one. Try https://themes.gohugo.io.

The internal templates are not themes and have different purposes, check them out: https://gohugo.io/templates/internal/.

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Based of the documentation page, I guess wasn’t understanding where they are, how they are generated, or manipulated. It looks like you just add the necessary site variables and then use the correct code in your template and that data is generated automatically. There isn’t a way to manipulate them without diving into Hugo’s core code.

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Yes there is an easy way. You can copy the code for the templates you need to change, edit to taste and call as a partial instead.

{{ template "_internal/opengraph.html" . }}


{{ partial "myopengraph.html" . }}
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Thank you!


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