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Bought a HTML template then converted it to partials and for SEO there are lots of web based alternatives for yoast and even better than yoast.
Good wordpress hosting cost + yoast premium + few premium plugins -> I’m not spending money on this. Instead using netlify and going to get some good SEO tools web based and create some microservices in golang to make my blog better than wordpress blogs.
I’m building my dashboard with full git workflow just like forestry. Fully customized with SEO options.

Website: Cup of Code


Nice and clean aspect.

Great that you’re also paying attention to SEO aspects! It often gets overlooked by techies. :slight_smile:

mmm… SEO is something that other systems get incorporated.

Does not hugo behave the same?

Good SEO behaviour and options to control it should be coded into the theme and hugo itshelf, pusblishing SEO info from other sources like summaries, tags, etc, in case user do not provide specific configuration for SEO.

How do that work in hubo and the popular themes in it (like academic or ananke).

Hugo is not opinionated regarding SEO, it is left to theme authors and individual users to provide whatever they need depending on their project.

SEO is not something that falls in the scope of this forum.

Of course SEO does pops up in the occasional discussion here and there, but a topic about SEO practices etc will be closed I’m afraid, as it will be OT.

The web is full of articles about best practices regarding SEO, nothing is stopping you from using them in a Hugo project.

Part of Hugo’s power is that it doesn’t restrict you with one-sits-fits-all templates, but the trade-off is that the degree to which you add specialized SEO depends on you and your theme.

Out of the box you get sitemap, section RSS/xml feeds and some built-in templates for annotated images, Google tags etc. How and if you use those is up to you…

If Hugo starts being more opinionated about SEO then that means users who want something different have to start finding workarounds for what’s there already.

I simply did not know Hugo did not have any SEO helping (let me call it so). I had not found a single word about it, till now.

Thank you, @yaythomas, yes it means freedom, but it also means a lot of work to do with each post to provide SEO information.

May be the themes may provide SEO helping extracting it from the tags or summary of the posts.

I will have to investigate a bit about it, and see if Academic theme provides some help in that.

yes, some themes do, some themes don’t - check which works best for you, there are a lot of them :slight_smile:

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What resource would you recommend for learning how to convert a HTML theme into partials/a working Hugo theme? Loved your project!!

You don’t need to learn anything. Just cut a portion of HTML.
Let’s say you have menu,sidebar and single post
So cut out menu(probably div tag) and same for other tags.

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