Possible Documentation Error

While creating a Linking Data to Hugo Types tutorial (and PR) I ran across this section that derailed me for some time when I first read it. I actually think it may no longer be supported or perhaps I understood it incorrectly. Here’s the text:

Create list template
Create a file called list.html inside your directory. E.g. /layouts/post/list.html.

I have found no other reference to a list template within the layouts/TYPE|SECTION directory and indeed this does not appear to work. To verify it does not create a layouts/TYPE|SECTION/list.html file and a corresponding content/TYPE|SECTION/demo.md file or two. The URL /TYPE|SECTION/ returns nothing. Creating the single.html file works as expected. Now if you take that same list.html file and move it to layouts/section|list/TYPE|SECTION.html it will work.

It could be out of synch documentation is all. Following the instructions on the Content List Template page worked. Unfortunately I encountered the other list paragraph about list.html first and spent several hours wondering why it would not work before finding the other page. From now on I always put “list views” in layouts/section/post.html and never call anything “list” at all to avoid the confusion.

If someone can confirm this paragraph is incorrect I will submit an issue and a PR to correct it.

Also, is this better suited as a issue rather than in the discussion forums here?

You’re correct. The only place you can use list.html is in layouts/_default/ path. Please submit a PR.

This is the right place to ask questions if you’re unsure about whether it’s a bug or a misunderstanding.

Ok, PR 2027 submitted. Thanks.