Troubleshooting empty taxonomy rollup list

I have two Hugo sites setup almost the exact same way. I’m having an issue where my taxonomy rollup pages (the one that lists all pages tagged with the term) isn’t finding any related pages on one site, but the other site with the same code is working as expected. After lots of troubleshooting, I’m at a loss for what to look for to fix it… hoping someone has an idea for what to look at.

Broken page:
Working page:

Both have the same taxonomy configuration in config.yaml & folder structure for the content (/tags/[tag-name]), and template (/themes/[..]/layouts/tags/list.html). To debug the pages, I’ve put a single debug statement to show the pages it found on the list page ({{ partial "debugprint.html" .Pages }}) and it confirms the broken page has 0 pages it found while the working site shows a collection returned.

But, when I jump up one level (remove “/azure/” form the URLs), you can see it is finding the number of pages in the term on the rollup page (/themes/[..]/layouts/tags/tag-list.html). The code I use to show the counts is as follows (some omitted for brevity):

{{ range .Site.Taxonomies.tags }}
 {{ /* ... */ }}
 View all {{.Count}} posts
{{ end }}

Does anyone have suggestions on what I can look to? To compare differences, I’ve run the themes and config.yaml through a diff tool to ensure there’s not a special character present or I’ve overlooked something… so I’m at a loss and looking for help…

Hard to say without access to the source.

Please share the project repository for, privately if you wish.

I can do that… can you share your GH handle?


Happy to share the repo… was looking more for some pointers on how to debug this, but happy to share a copy of the site with you… sent you an invite to a private repo.

Once I have a resolution and get this working, I’ll follow up on this thread to explain what I did wrong & what the resolution is… appreciate you looking at it.

If you want to run locally, it’s a 3-step process:

  1. install npm dependencies:


  2. compile typescript > JS (needed for build steps)

    yarn prep

  3. build site (takes a a few minutes the very first time as I do LOTS of image processing)

    yarn start

If the last step fails, sometimes works better to just build the site (yarn build:hugo) to gen the resources the very first time, then retry step 3.