Trouble-shooting list template page weight issue

Hi I am try to troubleshoot an issue with one of my pages sort order. I am using the academic them and it uses custom functions to place values from the config.toml file into my page with a true or false attribute. That works fine, the problem is I am unable to effect the weight of the document in the list template on the home page no matter what I set the weight function at in the frontmatter of the md file. I think the theme is forcing it to stick on the bottom but there is no theme template associated with the file and I have no idea where else a setting like that would reside. I tried to searching though the config.toml template but found nothing. Does anyone know of a way I can figure out what is cause this problem? My site url and github location is attached. I am using as the content host.

By the way, the GitHub URL 404s because it’s missing the https and the .com :grinning:

opps. thanks fixed. :smiley:

Its this something that is documented somewhere and is easily discoverable on my own? Im still having trouble finding the information to change the list order by weight, right now it seems to be order list entries by a scheme I am not familiar with.