External URL Menu order


I have issues with setting up menu order for external URLs in the menu.

Can you help me how to do that?

As you can see on my site the Donate! would go to the last, but for some reason, I have no clue how could I do that. Already read the tutorial and other solutions on the web, although none of them worked.

I have added the Donate! menu in the config.toml, is that even cool?

Have you tried changing the weight attribute of menus in the config file? If you want Donate to be last, give it a high weight (e.g. 100) and give the others smaller numbers like 10 and 20.

Yes, although not all menus added here, some of them created automatically when adding things to content folder you know :slight_smile: and they always the last, so can’t change their weight, maybe in the .md files it is possible?

You can set weight both in config and content.