Theme supporting hierarchical nav bar (sections) required

I require a theme that supports a hierarchical nav structure for my sections in the sidebar. Something like that:

├── bar
│   ├── x
│   ├── y
│   └── z
├── baz
└── foo
    ├── 2014
    ├── 2015
    └── 2016

I had a look in the theme showcases for something suitable and found the camunda docs theme (Example:; Code: to be more or less exactly what I need. However, in their git, they do not publish the theme in a way that you just can put it into your theme folder and use it. You need npm and grunt to “compile” it first. This step fails for me.

Q1: Does anybody have a working instance of the camunda docs theme?
Q2: If not: is there another theme around that supports a hierarchical nav structure in the sidebar?


I’m not sure I see this as a job for the theme, as a theme could not know each use case regarding content structure. It’s bascially a list inside a list (or UL tag inside an LI tag), which in Hugo terms would be a Range inside an element of a list (so a Range inside a Range).

The rest, any annimation to make it prettier is outside Hugo’s scope (although I guess some themes might include some JS fo such purposes).

Maybe I see themes differently, as with static site generators I see them more as general layout and design not influencing function, unlike like the Wordpress style of diictating site look and function.