Theme suggestion for blog with max number of features


As the title indicates I am looking for a blogging theme with maximum no. of below listed features:

  1. Responsive
    The blog should work smoothly on desktop as well as mobile browsers.

  2. Tags & Categories
    a. The theme should display tag/category on posts list page (beside page titles) as well as on post page
    b. Clicking on a particular tag/category should list all the posts with that specific tag/category

  3. Reading Time
    The theme should display reading time on posts list page (beside page titles) as well as on post page

  4. RSS
    The theme should offer posts RSS (generic index.xml) as well as RSS for posts having a particular tag/category e.g. /tags/python/index.rss, /categories/photography/index.rss etc.

  5. Table of Contents
    The theme should offer expandable table of contents beside the post such that the whole ToC or parts of it can be expanded or collapsed on user click

  6. Archives
    The theme should offer “Archives” page which lists all the post titles (with minimal info attached) chronologically, possibly grouped by year and further by month.

  7. Related Posts
    The theme should:
    a. automatically generate “Related posts” and display them just after the post ends.
    b. optionally provide the ability to manually specify the posts as “Related posts”

  8. Search
    The theme should provide search functionality (preferably using non-commercial search tool) to search across the site

  9. Thumbnail
    The theme should provide the ability to display thumbnail beside page title on page lists page just like

I am very well aware that every one of these features can be added to any Hugo theme/site but since I am pretty new to Go and would like to focus on the actual content writing, I am looking for a theme which has maximum no. of these features.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

You can check a directory of themes at :slight_smile:

I already did and have shortlisted 3 themes, namely BeautifulHugo, Er and Story but each of them has only a subset of the desired features.

So I was wondering if anybody knew or could point me towards the better theme. :slight_smile:

Take a theme with most features for you an pimp it up. Look in other themes how to implement the features.
Nobody and no theme is pefect! Don’t forget: RTFM!

I’ve done this way for me. Changed CSS to

That’s the plan. Just not sure about the base theme.
May I know which theme did you pick?

I started with STRATA (had 1. ,2. and 4.)

  • replaced CSS tachyons, added own styles for the theme and print media

  • added fancybox for my pictures

  • added OpenSeaDragon for my panoramas

  • added Font-Awesome for icons

  • added ATOM feed as replacement for RSS

  • added JSON feed

  • added link list from JSON

  • added new shortcodes for

    • vCard
    • youTube
    • images
    • foot notes
    • geo refs to OSM
    • font awesome
    • directory listings (intern only for Linux docs)
    • messages (todo, note, tipp, warn)


This is my playing ground :wink: