The Free Bundle and HUGO Menu

I just wanted to share the story here:

Thanks to this menu by @zwbetz, I managed to improve menu system for The Free Bundle Magazine:

What I am using there:

That’s it. With just those three elements I managed to make a pretty neat menu.

Now, for those interested in the true power of Partials:


For this issue of The Free Bundle I was curious about what else I could do with partials. Now, I’m not a coder by any means, but I managed to use a partial to create a pretty cool effect on one of the articles.

That lead to make a partial for the cover article, which lead to have a special category of partials called “Special”, only for special articles (such as covers).

The result is an interactive header for the article entirely done in HUGO partials (with onMouseOver).

All thanks to Partials.


This is supercool. Awesome site. Do you have a github repo where you share the code?

Not at the moment!

Beautifully designed site & menu - well done!

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Thanks Tim!