[SOLVED] How to set Subscribe button to Resume

Hi community,

I’m a purely newbie for Hugo and even for HTML. The theme of Cactus-plus looks pretty beautiful for me but I need to working the re-organization for the page structures. But I have trouble to find the corresponding source HTML or CSS files…

a. Change the currently useless Subscribe button to Resume button (linking to a PDF page)
b. Add a new category in the navigator bar – Projects, listing the name and description of project with name linking to github repo
c. Change the current Home button to current content in About page.

I haven’t modify the original theme a lot yet. I know making these changes may need deep knowledge on HTML, but if there is any quicker way or experience to share with me, I’ll really appreciate that!!

Thanks in adv,

You’re going to need to read up on how partials work in hugo.

If you override the layouts/partials/nav.html file, you’ll be able to do what you want. (Have a look at the template lookup order section.)

(Edit: fixed typo in filename.)

Thank you for replying! Ok, I’ll start with that. :grinning: