Images in Posts searched as Plain Text instead of Images?

So I have a Project running at the following link:

I am running into an issue where, no matter what reference I use, my images will always render as a text/plain document. What’s even more fascinating however, is that the image for the sidebar logo works just fine, leaving me wracking my brain for an answer. Any ideas?

When I load your website, I get warnings on the console about http / https. Have you tried using https://... in your baseURL config?

I know this might not be of much help, but clearing the baseURL for my local copy works just fine (images are found and rendered without much issue). Could it be an issue with not finding resources (on my end, I get a 404 error in the console in regards to finding the image resource)?

EDIT: Also, I tested with in the baseurl of my config, and it also rendered with no issue (just had to close the old tab and restart the development server.