Mixed Content: was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image. This content should also be served over HTTPS

Hello Hugo Community,

I have a custom domain marcelbelmont.com and I am seeing a warning message about HTTPS mixed content on my portrait picture because of this my HTTPS certificate is not loaded green like in other areas in my blog such as https://www.marcelbelmont.com/post/a-review-of-design-like-a-pro/. I am using some pictures in that blog post as well.
I just don’t understand why a picture from a blog post would load up a local static asset from /img/headers static folder but my profile picture would load over http. <div class="portrait" style="background-image: url('https://jbelmont.github.io/img/portrait.jpg');"></div> can anyone help me figure this out.


Jean-Marcel Belmont

I’m not sure about this, but try changing your BaseURL to the same URL as the domain you’re serving the site from, so instead of https://jbelmont.github.io/ to https://www.marcelbelmont.com/

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Awesome that worked thanks @budparr


Hi there,

I meet the same problem, after setup SSL to my Discourse forum (https://techpanda.vn/) and I access to site, I got it (see image attached below)


How can I fix it?

Looks like your question is about Discourse, so please ask on their forum. This forum is indeed using Discourse, but its purpose is Hugo support. Feel free to open a fresh topic if you have Hugo questions.

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