Template list of content adding `s` to section name as page title (.Title)

Currently the section list of content page title (.Title) is taken from section name + s.


the page title is Postingans

It makes sense for english sites, for other language, it is a nuisance. Should be overridable.

Or we have a workaround on this?

Yes see doc.

I can’t find how to override .Title and have to process .Title and overide all partials, but hey, it works.

{{ if .IsNode}} {{substr .Title 0 -1}}{{end}}

While playing with substr, this produce with similar result

{{ substr .Title 0 (sub (len .Title) 1) }}

but, if with slicestr,

{{ substr .Title 0 (sub (len .Title) 1) }}

got this error

executing "theme/_default/list.html" at <1>: wrong type for value; expected int; got int64

should I raise an issue for this in github?

Config to turn off plural:

# Pluralize titles in lists using inflect
pluralizeListTitles:         true

About the slicestr, please open an issue.


Wow. How can i missed that!

Thanks @bep

issue raised: https://github.com/spf13/hugo/issues/1347

Can I somehow turn on a i18n-ified plural? Eg. “Termin” --> “Termine” in German?

No you cannot.