List page translation

I build a website and am looking into translation
one thing I couldn’t understand from the docs is the way to translate a list page’s {{ .TItle }
Posts, for example, that should be translated as a string to the desired language.

From what I could understand, you create a file for each language and the title of each document will be used for {{ .Title }}

The whole implementation felt quite easy to me, but I am guessing your site is heavier in translations.

Thank you for your response,
I can see I didn’t express myself clearly.

I’m talking about the instance of the posts list page.
When I enter /post (as opposed to /post/some-post-name),
the {{ .Title }} I get is “Posts”, and that is the string I wish to translate.

Go it ! :slight_smile: sorry…

Inside your theme create a folder called i18n. There you need to create a file like fr.toml or pt.toml. In that file, place the strings you need in this format:

other = "Artigos"

For your template, you need to find the title of that page and replace it with {{ i18n “Posts” . }}

Give it a try and let me know how it goes because I have never done this before either.