Who is adding the s and what is (defined as) a section name, anyway?

I am having a section “info” and content under “info/something.md”.
Version: Hugo 0.69.0 and latest ananke (last checkin 18th Feb 2020).

However, when I create a site with “ananke” the theme it is rendering “Info” or “Infos” and not “info”.

Where are these derivative names created?
How I can influence this?

(Searching for more than an hour and would expect the documentation about sections or taxanomies, to have a hint on this)

In config.toml set pluralizeListTitles = false. This will change “Infos” to “Info” on the list page. See https://gohugo.io/templates/lists/#list-pages-without-_indexmd, specifically:

The default behavior of Hugo is to pluralize list titles; hence the inflection of the quote section to “Quotes” when called with the .Title page variable. You can change this via the pluralizeListTitles directive in your site configuration.