Taxonomy Page not displaying

I created a taxonomy “collection” term. I added it to the config.toml file. I used collection: text in a in a couple of content pages. I cannot make it display it. For example: I go to to see all the content pages with collection: text. This page doesn’t exist. Is it a bug or I am doing something wrong?

Here is my hugo repo. Here is my Github Pages repo.

Thanks in advance!

Rename the index.html file to _index.html

/collections/index.html to /collections/_index.html

And create a taxonomy.html file in the /layouts/_default/ folder

Thanks for help @mickel1982 . This seems like a workaround that requires to creates multiple folders. I wonder if there is a way to deal with it in an easier way (I plan to create many taxonomy names).

How to make my simple taxonomy setup work? It seems I am doing everything like Mark Dane does in a video linked in taxonomies doc. His moods taxonomy works and my collections don’t…

For comparison, this is [repo](http://Mark Dane ) repo from the tutorial.


If you set up your taxonomy as collection = "collections" then you need to use the plural in your front matter:

this is exactly how I have it in the repo.

Is there anything else that can be wrong with my set up? Could it be a bug?

For example, in content/ you have collection: idea in your front matter. This should be collections: idea

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@pointyfar That worked. Thanks so much! Is there a way to set up taxonomy so one can use it in a singular form in the frontmatter?

I suppose you could just define collection = "collection" in your config’s taxonomies definition. Note though that this would then mean the collection page will be rendered at

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