Taxonomy list page takes a wrong template

I have a taxonomy called “collections”

My taxonomy list pages are taking layouts/_defaul/list.html instead of layouts/_default/collection.html. This shouldn’t be the case looking at the Layout Lookup for Taxonomy List Pages

If we go to it displays the list page.

Here is my hugo repo. Here is my Github Pages repo. Any help will be much appreciated!

Hi Paweł!

You can move and rename




or—more specific—


But there are several options. Have a look at the lookup order.

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Thanks this works. However, my solution also worked. I didn’t realized because I was confused with the naming and I am still confused…

The taxonomy docs establish naming this way:

Actors (taxonomy): Bruce Willis (term)

However, the lookup order works another way: (is a terms page) (is a taxonomy list page)

Is this a naming inconsistency in the taxonomy docs?

It’s possible something is off, the naming of taxonomy and terms is a historical quirk of the Hugo project. Walk me through what seems off to you, though; I get these easily confused.

So, on your site, collections is the taxonomy, whereas idea is a taxonomy term.

  • - taxonomy - layouts/_default/taxonomy.html layouts/_default/list.html
  • - term - layouts/_default/terms.html layouts/_default/list.html

The above is expected behavior. @pawsys are you saying the templates are being picked up in a different order?

Yes, exactly!

if I define layout/_default/taxonomy.html
the page that changes is

and if I define layout/_default/terms.html
the page that changes is

it works as if this is the syntax:
Actors (term): Bruce Willis (taxonomy)
but the syntax in hugo docs is:
Actors (taxonomy): Bruce Willis (term)

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