Taxonomies by Content Type

I’ve been digging around, and found lots of information on taxonomies, but it’s adding taxonomies with extra data. What I’d like to do is separate the tags/categories by content type. So all the tags in the content type/area of portfolio are separate from the blog tags/categories. so at the moment if you do it lists tags in all areas regardless of content type. What I’d like to do is have for example where the first ones lists all the tags in the portfolio content. and the second would list all the tags in the blogs. I have a feeling that I will need to disable the provided tag/category gathering/generation. But the information I find is explaining, creating more complex taxonomies. I just want a simple system like the built in Hugo one, but seperates them by content type. I feel like this should be something super simple, I’m just not finding it.

Thanks in Advance,

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You can use different tag-names in content and portfolio like ctags and ptags