Tags!11One (Let's add tags to this forum?)

I wonder if there is a reason, why this forum has no tags. It looks like it’s a base feature in Discourse (maybe added after this Discourse was created):

I think tags can help us to better organize topics and it might help theme and component maintainers to tag “their” posts (posts about a specific theme or component) and organize them better. Also helps organizing topic groups deeper. Think of stackexchange and sites like that. Tags like css, algolia, image-processing, and so on and so forth.

I understand that the danger is high that people create chaotic tag structures. But that might be maintainable by the moderators? Or maybe (if that is possible) set it up so that a new user can’t tag without having a certain quality grade?

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I like the idea of tags - it would help to find support / tips articles - before resorting to scrolling through and reading the search results

And i’m constantly adding bookmarks to articles on here that I like and want to read again (so tags would really help me)

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It does not appear that I can add new tags. The only tag coming up is discourse and there is no way to type a new tag and add it to the list (tab, enter, plus button). Is there something missing?

It may be a user privileges thing? I (mod) seem to be able to create tags:


I’ll open a new topic to ask for tag suggestions.

(@davidsneighbour I have manually bumped you to level 3 … you were a couple of “post read” short …)

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