Discourse tags dropdown; can it be made to show all tags?

I’d like to be able to add new tags when appropriate, BUT without ending up with duplicate concepts or nearly the same tags because when I search for more tags than the four or five tags in the dropdown I don’t think the same as someone who as already added an applicable tag. Is this possible with Discourse?

EDIT: Based on my search (where I hopefully missed something) of the Discourse docs and forum it appears to be possible for the admins to increase the number of tags in the dropdown but not (at least as a user) to show all tags. I’m not clear on whether it is possible for an admin to create a search filter that would show all tags or that also would be truncated.

There is only one admin in this forum.
Don’t know if he has the time to look into your request, but I am tagging him below.

cc: @bep

Ah. I didn’t realize that. I think he’s got enough on this plate and this is not a high priority ask.

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