Tag with greek characters don't work

The English Tags they work the Greek Ones they don’t. Any idea?


Thanks in advance

Are you using urlize to generate the taxonomy links?

Also in your site’s config enter the undocumented parameter RemovePathAccents = true

I use I added the parameter RemovePathAccents = true and yew I use urlize.

Here is the part of my single.html layout that generate the tags:

      {{ if .Params.tags }}
  <span class="post-meta">
    {{ range .Params.tags }}
    #<a href="{{ $.Site.LanguagePrefix | absURL }}/tags/{{ . | urlize }}/">{{ . }}</a>&nbsp;
    {{ end }}

I stiil have the same problem.

Any repo to look at?


Strange behaviour. With

$ hugo server -D on http://localhost:1313

it works.

In that case it may be that the servers of Gitlab are causing this problem.

Why don’t you try to deploy to a netlify subdomain as a test? And let us know if that resolves your issue.

P.S. I haven’t had the time to test your sIte locally, but I will do it by tomorrow. Καλό βράδυ.

Καλημέρα Αλέξανδρε :blush: ,

Netlify solve my issue (https://priceless-benz-977ed6.netlify.com/). Here is my repo https://gitlab.com/igoumeninja/virtual-xorio-polio.

If is the gitlab servers that causing the problem what can I do?

Thanks in advance!


Since it’s the Gitlab servers that do not support the correct Unicode encoding in the URL field I don’t think that you can do anything about it, other than hosting your site with a service that supports the correct encoding.

I would use Gitlab as a Git backend and use continuous deployment with Netlify if I were you.

P.S. I confirm that your issue was caused by Gitlab Pages servers since your Netlify test site serves the correct URLs from your tag cloud links over here: https://priceless-benz-977ed6.netlify.com/post/tagcloud/

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