Tag with greek characters don't work


The English Tags they work the Greek Ones they don’t. Any idea?


Thanks in advance

[SOLVED] German umlauts in tags

Are you using urlize to generate the taxonomy links?

Also in your site’s config enter the undocumented parameter RemovePathAccents = true


I use I added the parameter RemovePathAccents = true and yew I use urlize.

Here is the part of my single.html layout that generate the tags:

      {{ if .Params.tags }}
  <span class="post-meta">
    {{ range .Params.tags }}
    #<a href="{{ $.Site.LanguagePrefix | absURL }}/tags/{{ . | urlize }}/">{{ . }}</a>&nbsp;
    {{ end }}

I stiil have the same problem.


Any repo to look at?




Strange behaviour. With

$ hugo server -D on http://localhost:1313

it works.


In that case it may be that the servers of Gitlab are causing this problem.

Why don’t you try to deploy to a netlify subdomain as a test? And let us know if that resolves your issue.

P.S. I haven’t had the time to test your sIte locally, but I will do it by tomorrow. Καλό βράδυ.


Καλημέρα Αλέξανδρε :blush: ,

Netlify solve my issue (https://priceless-benz-977ed6.netlify.com/). Here is my repo https://gitlab.com/igoumeninja/virtual-xorio-polio.

If is the gitlab servers that causing the problem what can I do?

Thanks in advance!



Since it’s the Gitlab servers that do not support the correct Unicode encoding in the URL field I don’t think that you can do anything about it, other than hosting your site with a service that supports the correct encoding.

I would use Gitlab as a Git backend and use continuous deployment with Netlify if I were you.

P.S. I confirm that your issue was caused by Gitlab Pages servers since your Netlify test site serves the correct URLs from your tag cloud links over here: https://priceless-benz-977ed6.netlify.com/post/tagcloud/