Table of contents picks up H2, H3 but not H1, H4, etc

I am moving from hugo version 52 to 60.1

In hugo version 52 my table of contents would display headings 1-6. Version 60.1 is only displaying headings 2 and 3.

This is my env:
$ hugo env
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.60.1-96066756 windows/amd64 BuildDate: 2019-11-29T14:57:23Z

Is that the new functionality?

Hi there, have you try to configure TOC via config?

# config.toml

    endLevel = 6
    startLevel = 1
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Yes. Most people start their headings at h2, which in the old solution left you with an empty top-level that became fairly hard to style.

Many thanks for the quick response.

I couldn’t find anything in the documentation. I will try to figure out how to add it to the documents.

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Thanks again for the help.

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