Switching from wordpress

I am currently using WordPress for my website.The way I have my site now is simple. Two pages. That’s it. But I am displaying lots of content. My radio shows. All of my episodes are in mp3 format. They are hosted at castos.com

I use tabs to display my episodes along with tags for each month of the year. I have thousands of episodes. Can I do something similar in hugo? Can I bring my tags over to hugo. My episodes are displayed using a customized post option for each episode.

Please let me know what my options are and what plan would suit my needs. My site is content driven and so far WordPress is offering everything I need. I’m just looking for an alternative to WordPress and all it’s complexity and plugins. One thing I use in WordPress is the ability to make batch changes. I may want to batch delete some tags, batch add etc…

Looking forward to hearing back from you with your suggestions and let me know if you need further information. Also please look at my website click on the links etc… and let me know if something is possible in hugo.

You asked the same question nearly a year ago. What happened? Otherwise, if you have some cash to spend, post in the services category and someone can help you move your site to Hugo.

Yes, but you also might need some styling to achieve it.

Yes. Hugo has support for taxonomies (categories, tags, etc).

I don’t know what you mean by ‘plan’, but Hugo is free and open source. As suggested, maybe hiring someone to do the site for you can help.

I recommend you have a clear policy on tags usage. Having hundreds or thousands of tags is counter-productive and a headache to maintain them. You can batch delete tags in Hugo using a a code editor with search and replace (like VS code).

I suggest you try this theme and style it to your needs. It has an example of a podcast page in the showcase.


Hi Arif!

Cancer got in the way again along with other health issues. It’s been crazy. Thanks for your reply!!!

Sincerely Randy