Support whitespace in <!--more-->

<!-- more --> should work too. Also


I, too, would like this. I’ve had some issues with slightly malformed more; I believe normal HTML is a little flexible, too?


For sure. It is sad it is not supported from the beginning. I had spent a few hours in the past because of this.

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Maybe you could look for a similar issue on GitHub with your feature request. That’s the usual way to place an idea into the long pipeline of development issues. If you can’t find it there, you could start one yourself.

@Georg I did that when I first got involved with Hugo, but was asked by the maintainers to start by posting here. GitHub issues are for approved things. I did search GH issues for a similar idea.

Edit: Word

There are a few objectives behind this encouragement…

1) To prevent people from logging “bugs” when they don’t understand something or haven’t read the documentation.

2) To prevent people from logging “bugs” where the problem/behavior is poorly defined. “Feature xxx doesn’t work.” is not a bug; it’s the beginning of a conversation, and that should occur (for the most part) here—troubleshooting.

3) To prevent people from creating proposals for features/capabilities that already exist.

4) To prevent people from creating proposals for features/capabilities that are poorly defined.

Something like <!--more--> vs. <!-- more --> doesn’t fall into any of these categories, so you should create a proposal on GitHub.

For the record, I’ve made the <!-- more --> mistake myself a couple of times.


Created Support whitespace in <!--more--> · Issue #10708 · gohugoio/hugo · GitHub.

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FYI – this is not a trivial change.