<!--more--> becomes HUGOMORE42 in my html output

Hi all,
I’ve been successfully using <!--more--> content dividers for a long time.
After updating hugo to the latest version (0.54) I notice a change:

my generated output index.html now contains “HUGOMORE42”, which shows up in my text when browsing the site.
I read https://gohugo.io/content-management/summaries/ but don’t understand why this is happening.
my template has this section:

		{{ if .Params.summary }}
	{{ .Params.summary | markdownify }}
	{{ else }}
	{{ .Summary }}
	{{ end}}

to be clear, there is no summary param defined in the content so it’s taking the else clause.


This bug has been reported and you can keep track of it over here:

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Thanks, Alexandros!