Support for German umlauts in taxonomy slugs

In this discussion I brought up the necessity to rewrite German umlauts (ö,ü,ä,ß) in taxonomy urls. I guess this should be included in .urlize ?

I am aware of the site setting removePathAccents but that is not doing what is needed to return meaningful urls. The expected behavior would be a replacement with two characters:
ö --> oe
ä --> ae
ü --> ue
ß --> ss

By now for German users Hugo is only creating stumbling urls for taxonomies instead of talking urls.

I agree, this would be a good feature to have for the German market. We earlier got French Guillemets, so probably a bit of love for a country with even more people seems appropriate. :slight_smile:

I found a GitHub issue about it here: Error with umlauts and Eszett in taxonomy. That issue was closed by the ‘stale bot’.

I don’t know who can do it, though. And I definitely don’t want to implicitly assume that Bep jumps in. :slight_smile: