About special characters in taxonomy and documentation


In the process od learning to use Hugo I had a problem with accentued letters in tags and categories slugs (e.g. “cinéma” in french), and found the solution in a tread in this forum: we have just to set-up RemovePathAccents = false in the config.toml file.

Easy solution to a commun problem for french, italian or spanish sites, for exemple… but any mention of RemovePathAccents is (still) missing in the official documentation.


Reviving this thread, as @aris recently brought this up at Accents replacement with natural letter.

I was surprised to see it undocumented; I haven’t used it, but I’ve seen it discussed often enough to presume.

Anyhow, I don’t know the implications of what it does, so I’d like to use this thread to get feedback from someone with a clue, so we can move forward with documenting this config option.

The relevant docs issue is at https://github.com/gohugoio/hugoDocs/issues/94.

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