Suddenly required post approval by moderator on five year old account

My account is about five years old and while I had taken a break for a while, I’ve been posting again lately. Today, I just changed some of my profile information. I went to make a reply to a post and when submitted, it said that my post will need approval by one moderator before publishing… huh?

What could cause this? Changes to my profile were my (optional) name, my avatar, my location and my description.

I am on a vpn but i’ve always been on a vpn so that’s no new.

It’s not about YOU, it’s about the words you are using. Any (viagra) weird and suspicious (Cialis) word will put you in the queue. There is even some form of “passive-aggressive indicator” that will result in your post being put into moderation.

It’s not about you. AI sucks. that’s all.

Holy carp. That’s hilarious and crazy at the same time. Thanks for the insight!

Your post included a watch word, SEO, which I just removed from the list. If it becomes a problem we can put it back at a later date.

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Got it. thank you for that. was it on the list for scammer/spammer purposes?

Yes, it was, but has generated too many false positives. We’ll see what happens.

i think something is changed in hugo form as even my posts which does not include the word viagra is marked for approval. since last few weeks

See my previous comments.

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