Installing Academic Theme

I’ve tried everything to install the Academic theme locally on Hugo. I cloned the git repo as per the instructions, but then in step 2, when in the site root, the second step of “git submodule update --init --recursive” led to an error (fatal: not a git repository…).

So, at that point I had Academic Kickstart installed via the cli. Then due to the error, I manually downloaded the Academic theme package and extracted its contents to the themes/Academic Kickstart/themes/academic/ folder.

My question is: what am I supposed to put into my Hugo config file for theme directive? (ie, theme = “Academic”?)

(actually, another question: is Academic theme a basic theme and Academic Kickstart some sort of a pagebuilder?)

Every other theme I’ve tried to install did so without a hitch: cd to theme directory, and then run git clone command etc, then add theme name to config file and cd back to site’s root and run Hugo server/preview changes. Very straightforward. But this one is confusing me.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Welcome to the forum Specimen! :wave:

I looks like academic kickstart is an entire Hugo project, ready to go. So you don’t merge academic kickstart into an existing Hugo project, but rather use it to make a new Hugo website.

In other words, instead of using hugo new site to make a new Hugo site, you download academic kickstart and then go from there. Does this help?


Ah, thanks! This makes more sense. It looks like this is the only such project.

I still have to do more studying the documentation about the templating module and some other things (like the lookup tables etc and how that works) before I can attempt to write my own themes).