Disable dark mode on Hugo Academic theme

I cannot seem to find the right way to toggle off / disable the dark mode for Hugo Academic. Appreciate any help. Thanks!

More details: I am hosting the site on github; thus, I generate static public pages on my local machine and upload them. What baffles me is that the site is actually on light mode here on my local server. However, when I visit my site online (hosted on github), it’s rendered in dark mode. Another thing that’s baffling me is when I view the site on my mobile phone–it’s in light mode.

Would appreciate any insight on how to remedy the issue. Thanks.

If no such toggle is available in the theme then perhaps the dark mode is inherited from your browser’s settings or cache.

Anyway this issue, does not seem like something, that we can help you with.

Interesting. Your suggestion may have actually worked. I cleared the cache for all my browsers on my Mac and that solved the issue. Thanks! Hopefully, no other issues will arise.

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