Submitted Sitemap - Primary Language is invalid according to Google Webmaster

Hi, I have a multilingual website (FR/EN). The primary language is french.

When I submitted the website to Google Webmaster, it tells me that the English links are correct but that the french ones are invalid. So sitemap.xml is correct and /en/sitemap.xml is correct. But not the /fr/sitemap.xml

In config.toml I have:

DefaultContentLanguage = "fr"
baseURL = ""
relativeURLs = true

    weight = 1
    languageCode = "fr-ca"
    contentDir = "content/fr"
    name = "fr"

When I look at
view-source: everything looks alright. What am I doing wrong here?

You can try to debug this at, or ask Google what their issue is. When you figure it out, and if it has to do with Hugo, please open a new topic. This is out of scope for #support. :slight_smile:

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