Dont work sitemap in multilingual mode

Hello! I was created in layouts folder file sitemapindex.xml.
So, i try to copy any codes to make my own site map and ist not working.

Last i try this code:

{{ printf "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\" standalone=\"yes\"?>" | safeHTML }}
<urlset xmlns=""
  {{ range .Data.Pages }}
    {{- if .Permalink -}}
    <loc>{{ .Permalink }}</loc>{{ if not .Lastmod.IsZero }}
    <lastmod>{{ safeHTML ( .Lastmod.Format "2006-01-02T15:04:05-07:00" ) }}</lastmod>{{ end }}{{ with .Sitemap.ChangeFreq }}
    <changefreq>{{ . }}</changefreq>{{ end }}{{ if ge .Sitemap.Priority 0.0 }}
    <priority>{{ .Sitemap.Priority }}</priority>{{ end }}{{ if .IsTranslated }}{{ range .Translations }}
                hreflang="{{ .Language.Lang }}"
                href="{{ .Permalink }}"
                />{{ end }}
                hreflang="{{ .Language.Lang }}"
                href="{{ .Permalink }}"
                />{{ end }}
    {{- end -}}
  {{ end }}

So, when i start hugo server a have an error:

hugo v0.101.0-466fa43c16709b4483689930a4f9ac8add5c9f66 windows/amd64 BuildDate=2022-06-16T07:09:16Z VendorInfo=gohugoio
Error: Error building site: render of "sitemapindex" failed: "C:\Users\Viacheslav\OneDrive\Hugo loft\gokarna\layouts\sitemapindex.xml:4:16": execute of template failed: template: sitemapindex.xml:4:16: executing "sitemapindex.xml" at <.Data.Pages>: can't evaluate field Data in type []*hugolib.SiteInfo

Can you help me please to decide my problem with error!
Thank you!

You have confused the sitemap with the sitemapindex.

Read this, carefully:

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Thank you! Its working i thing. Is it correctly?
Can you check please. Is it ok?

Both the sitemapindex and the sitemap look fine to me.

ok. Thank you very much friend.

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