Struggling with the BeautifulHugo layout

Attempting to remove the title + subtitle (description) from this theme for usage.

As I understand Hugo reads the layouts placed in sites/website/layouts before sites/website/themes/beautifulhugo/layouts

AND the title+subtitle should be in head.html, so if I were to edit that one part of the html it shouldn’t appear anymore but it doesn’t seem to be the case. How could I get rid of them?

Thanks beforehand.

You’re on the right track. From what I can see with a cursory check, looks like that’s in the index template.

Copy that index.html file from the theme, to your project/layouts, then edit it how you need. Hugo should use it to override what the theme provides.

Thank you for replying ^^

<h2 class="post-title">{{ .Title }}</h2>
refers to the well, post title and not the txt on the header itself.

I’m trying to get rid of the main title+subtitle itself, in this case Test & Build a beautiful website, right under

The page-heading part is what’s I’m wanting to get rid of, sorry if I wasn’t clear enough (or am not understanding, either)

I think the template you are looking for is

Conceptually it’s the same. Find the template where that is coming from, and then copy it to your project structure so that it will override the one in the template.

Something to consider: you can put a comment at the top and bottom of your partials, so that when you examine source in the browser, you’ll see what partial/template is working at that time.

{{ "<!-- ENTERING partial head.html -->" | safeHTML }}
    ... your template code ...
{{ "<!-- LEAVING partial head.html -->" | safeHTML }}