Turn Off Title & Subtitle in Beautiful Hugo

Hi, I’m new to Hugo and I recently installed the Beautiful Hugo theme and am trying to turn off the Title and Subtitle function so that it no longer shows up in the list page, however, I have been unsuccessful in this and am not sure how to do so. Any advice would be appreciated. I’m also trying to replace the Site title on the top left with a logo image. Here’s a sample image of my site

So I’m trying to remove the giant “Less Likely” and the giant “Separating Signals From Noise”


You will have to remove those lines from the theme’s single.html file (just guessing, I have never used that theme).

One way to do that without touching the original file is to use Hugo’s template inheritance. Is this something too far from your reach?

In short you will have to copy the file you want to change to outside the themes’ directory and place it somewhere in /layouts so that it will be used instead.