Stripping footnotes from Summary

I’ve made use of {{ .Summary }} to render out either the auto generated X character summary or my manually split summary however it looks like footnote tags are still included even though the footnotes themselves are not, leaving unclickable [^1] in the summary.

This post mentions the same problem and that solving it may not be simple.

That said, what would be involved in stripping out the footnote tags e.g. [^1] when displaying .Summary?

The other alternative I’m considering is adding a post-summary = “< p >stuff</ p >” to the frontmatter but I’d prefer to only use that in cases where I want a pretty different summary of a post due to the need for markup and duplication of content.

Is this something .Summary should handle, or should I suck it up and use replaceRE on Summary to remove the footnote tags?

This should be fixed – and I suspect does – I haven’t tested it, though.