Strange behaviour or my mistake?

I uploaded the latest version (hugo 0.71.0_Linux-64bit tar) on my webserver, as told by my provider all-inkl dot com.

I also used the suggested folders usr/local/bin/hugo

So far so good. Using SSH on my Mac, I was able to create a new site, using ./hugo new site NAME
(the . and / infront of hugo are necessary on all-inkl SSH)

The site is created and I can change the config. I also uploaded papercss-theme and removed (as advised on the web) the “master” and included it in the config.

Here, the strange stuff happens (or I am too blind to see my error)

No matter what I try (./hugo or cd NAME ./hugo or hugo server or hugo new post or whatever), SSH always comes back “config not found”. Or, if I cd into the NAME folder (the site hugo created), SSH reports no hugo found.

I thought, I can install hugo on my server, ist that wrong? Is it only possible to use hugo locally and only upload the public? What I read, it should be possible to use hugo on a server, right?

Here is, for German speaking hugoists, the mail from my provider concerning the use of hugo on a server:

Das Installieren sollte mittels folgender Anleitung möglich sein:

Somit sollten Sie nur das Binary unter herunterladen und mittels SSH ausführen können.

If you have not already done so, I strongly encourage you to install Hugo locally, configure it, and learn how everything works. You can certainly install Hugo on a server, but it would be better if you could work out the kinks in an environment that you can control.

I did find a solution. (the names of the folders are EXAMPLES)

  1. create folder on your webserver (HUGO)
  2. create subfolders (bin)
  3. connect via SSH to your server
  4. cd HUGO
  5. cd bin
  6. hugo new site NAME
  7. upload theme into NAME / themes
  8. change config.toml (I used edit file / filezilla)
  9. cd NAME
  10. …/bin/hugo - use this to run hugo
  11. …/bin/hugo new post/ (new blog entry or page)
  12. …/bin/hugo - see the changes happen

I use all-inkl so I also had to go into their KAS-Server (customer administration) and point the Domain https://www.tld dot com to /HUGO/NAME/public

Done :slight_smile:
(see: (my test page using paper css)

I know, that solution might seem a bit odd, but I use Mac and Windows on a daily basis and I can’t install hugo on my work Windows machine, but I can use ftp (File Zilla) and use SSH on my smartphone, so that solution works well for me.

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