Storing and Searching within 14 Books in Hugo Website

Hello, I have a question. I need your help.
I have to make a book reader site and some additional content like blogs, news, etc.
I have to work with 14 different books. This means that lots of contents (+5000 pages maybe) so it is not reasonable to keep all the contents in the Hugo project therefore I need to find another solution.

I have to provide an interface for the users to search and navigate between within books and pages. I created Hugo website with the static book content. But I am thinking how can I achieve this? How can I implement it?

Should I look for elastic search solutions?
Maybe Should I create my own database and coding some API?
Should I find for another solution?

What is the best way to implement this in Hugo?

Please use the forums and search for “search”. It can be done with JavaScript libraries, or external services.

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