Advice for organizing resource library?

I am working on a hugo knowledge base website with two branches of information:

  • documentation: /docs filetree and the primary content of the site
  • resources: /resources filetree, pages mostly linked from docs pages but I’m trying to plan how best to organize these pages so that they are browsable by taxonomy. This is a mix of self-contained documents, some of which will be text-based documents in the hugo site itself, some of which will be article stubs linking to external resources. Total # of discrete pages in the resource library is probably around 75-100.

Could folks weigh in with advice about organizing the resource library side of the site? I’ve been reading up on the different options for list page templates and taxonomy, but here’s what I’m wondering:

Should I just make all of these pages as .md files in the /resources directory itself? Would a list page be able to show pages in subdirectories, too? I definitely want the ability to list articles by category taxonomy (which I know is straightforward) and also by tags.

The theme I’m using (hugo-book) includes flexsearch (and I might try docsearch instead) so in some ways putting more attention to searchability makes a lot of sense, but I just want to avoid creating a file structure that’s a pain in the butt to fix later.