Stay Static - New Static Site Builder / Generator Showcase (Incl. Hugo Sample Site)

Inspired by the TodoMVC showcase I’ve started to put together a static site builder / generator showcase named Stay Static. The idea is helping you find your static site builder / generator that works best for you (hint: Hugo).

The first two live static site samples include:

The standard sample showcases 1) pages 2) posts and 3) custom content types (e.g. bookmarks ‘n’ links). Cheers.


I just finished reading a wonderful slide deck on StayStatic with Hugo, .

I have started building my site, but using the hugo commands to generate page stubs, I have *.xml not *.html output into my /public folder. Must I hand code the *.html pages or did you autogenerate them using a special syntax?

thank you!

Thanks your kind words. Yes, the html templates / layouts for the stay static sample site are “hand-coded”.

If you do NOT want to “hand-code” your own html templates / layouts, you can pick any of the many ready-to-go themes. See

Cheers. Go Hugo.

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