Build Static (Web)sites w/ Hugo and Go Templates (Slide Deck) - Golang Vienna Meetup


For tonight’s Golang Vienna meetup the slide deck titled:

Build Static (Web)sites w/ Hugo and Go Templates" in HTML (use space to flip through or use the t-key to toggle) or see the all-in-one-page source in Markdown

The agenda reads:

  • Hello, Hugo!
  • Hugo Stay Static Sample Site - Posts, Pages, Datafiles
  • Markdown Madness - Markdown Extensions n Goodies
  • HTML Template Options in Go
  • Demo - Go Live - Free (Static) Site Hosting Options
  • Why Static?
  • Best of “Both Worlds”
  • Thanks - Stay Static

Questions, comments welcome. Go Hugo! Cheers.


Good slides … There is a tiny error on slide 23. The base templates in Hugo (block support) must be named “baseof.html”. I created this name pattern when I introduced base templates for Ace, so “baseof.ace” … Ace of Base (that Swedish pop band from the 90s).


Thanks good point. Had no clue. Just copied this new feature from the docu Cheers.

Feel free to link your slides in the press section.

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hihi, didn’t know that. Great idea.

Btw, just changed from long time using Jekyll to Hugo about 3 weeks ago. Amazing, not going back. Observations: Some things in Hugo appear more complicated than in Jekyll, but to me Hugo is by far more flexible. Not to talk about speed. This is the killer feature anyway. Great work, very well appreciated.

Best regards from Germany,

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