Static hosting provider with basic access control

I am using Hugo to maintain small site for my extended family — mostly pictures of and news of family members who have not seen each other for a while because of COVID19.

Currently it is running on a Raspberry Pi with dynamic DNS. This works, but it is somewhat slow because of upload speeds of my home connection.

I would appreciate recommendations for a hosting provider. Does not have to be free, just cheap (few $/month). Importantly, I need some trivial password protection (a single password for everyone is fine); this is currently done with .htaccess.

I found this topic about Netlify, but their only their $19/month plan has this feature. I need something much more basic.

Digital Ocean


I bookmarked this solution, but I don’t know if the free Netlify plan is enough for that

Cloudflare Pages with Cloudflare Access

AWS Amplify Console

I would second Cloudflare Pages. I am using it. The Cloudflare Team/Access control is really easy to setup, especially the Email One-Time-Password thing. Really good for casual access control.

My website is a similar project, I host mine on an amazon s3 bucket using cloudflare to support https - very cheap but still not got a perfect upload system (I map a drive to the s3 bucket and robocopy my public folder)

You can try Keybase. They offer a free 250 GB for personal accounts and 100 GB for teams. They also offer git-hosting for personal and teams. As well as rendering that git into a website.

Only for static sites of course, they don’t have any db hosting. My personal setup: 1 team (with a dev subteam with a git-announcement channel) per site, and then I point my domain there. So I have 100 GB per site.

Speaking of “domain”, you need your own domain name. They have a option but it’s only for personal and non-git hosting. It’s easier and faster to use git than to upload files, at least from my end.

Here are some links:

Hope it helps!


Have you tried rclone for S3 deployment?

I have a PR describing SFTP use of rclone for Hugo Docs, but S3 is just a matter of adding appropriate credentials and such:

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I am using HTTP Basic auth for access control with static hosting.
I blogged about it here: