Starting small - is hugo built for this use-case?

My immediate needs are simple - I want to generate a single-page website, for a business.

In time, I’ll add more pages and content. But for now, just a single index.html

Naturally, the quick-start, and a majority of the themes are geared to blogs but … I don’t want a blog. I want a page with some HTML that I can quickly generate and post to S3.

Can one actually -do- this with Hugo?

Yes! The Theme showcase Page has a few Business, Single-page website templates.

Here’s one I found (there are more depending on your website content needs )
###Universal Business Theme

Live Demo Page:
Download Page:
Info Page with Demo Link, Setup Notes:

I’m just about done with a How-To Video / Screencast on Using Hugo - GitHub - Netlify to Build and Host Websites for Free.

I’ll post the link here tomorrow.

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Thank you, kind stranger.

Here’s it is!

###Launch Your Free, Fast Website with Hugo - Github - Netlify. Step-by-step Video Guide

Hope this helps!


nice video! thanks.