Specifying different characters for smart quotes

I have been playing with Hugo to make a website in Urdu, which is a right-to-left (RTL) language.

When smartypants is enabled, the smart quotes come off wrong, because for RTL languages their order should be opposite to what works for LTR languages (i.e. should be the opening quote and should be the closing one).

So could it be possible to introduce options in Hugo’s configuration that specify the characters (or strings) for both opening and closing quotes? Something like the following (which will work for RTL languages):

# in TOML
singleQuoteOpen = "’"
singleQuoteClose = "‘"
doubleQuoteOpen = "”"
doubleQuoteClose = "“"

Besides RTL, these options could be useful for a variety of other languages or scripts (and may replace the existing smartypantsQuotesNBSP and angledQuotes options).

(I realize that it’s more of a change in Blackfriday, but just thought to discuss its use case here.)

This isn’t supported by Blackfriday, but you could ask them: