Combination of Blackfriday options to disable curly quotes and enable smartDashes


Among Blackfriday options in config.toml, which combination of options would allow me to achieve the following?

  • Disable curly quotes (“ ”) and use straight quotes (" ") instead
  • Enable smart dashes

I’ve been testing with several combinations, but could not find one, as follows:

  • If I set smartypants to true, quotes always become curly quotes.
  • If I set smartypants to false and smartDashes to true, smart dashes won’t work (-- or --- rendered as it is instead of en-dash or em-dash).

The Hugo version used for test is v0.54.0.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s all or nothing for those two options. smartypants is required for smartdashes to work, so smartdashes come with curly quotes.


	HTML_USE_SMARTYPANTS                       // enable smart punctuation substitutions
	HTML_SMARTYPANTS_FRACTIONS                 // enable smart fractions (with HTML_USE_SMARTYPANTS)
	HTML_SMARTYPANTS_DASHES                    // enable smart dashes (with HTML_USE_SMARTYPANTS)
	HTML_SMARTYPANTS_ANGLED_QUOTES             // enable angled double quotes (with HTML_USE_SMARTYPANTS) for double quotes rendering
	HTML_SMARTYPANTS_QUOTES_NBSP               // enable "French guillemets" (with HTML_USE_SMARTYPANTS)

Appears to be a requirement.

If that is the case, want to work your issue from a different angle? Are curly quotes getting up in yer business? :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, no option will allow you to disable “smartification” of only the double quotes while retaining the rest of the smartness.


Note that if smartpants is on, the double (and single) quotes (and few more things) are always smartified.

I hope a Go coder is fed up enough with the current state of Blackfriday to fix this inconsistent API :slight_smile:

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Thanks for pointing me to the relevant code. I’ll see what I can do about it :slight_smile: