Why I'm stuck at 0.59.1

TL/DR: Goldmark’s “typographer” extension isn’t an adequate replacement for smartypants, and Blackfriday now generates incorrect and potentially format-breaking HTML.

Taking them in turn, Goldmark now handles smartening apostrophes correctly, but still fails to correctly smarten double-quotes:

"This will be smart-quoted correctly!"

("this will not!")

<i>"This won't be, either!"</i>

The results under 0.64 are:

<p>&ldquo;This will be smart-quoted correctly!&rdquo;</p>
<p>(&ldquo;this will not!&quot;)</p>
<p><i>&quot;This won&rsquo;t be, either!&ldquo;</i></p>

(the last example does not depend on the setting of Goldmark’s unsafe option)

Blackfriday handles all three correctly, but unfortunately, no longer escapes “<” in code blocks at all.

Since only Goldmark generates valid HTML under 0.64, I’d have to turn off the “typographer” extension and manually add smart-quoting to 3,000+ blog entries, and then remember to do it for all new blog entries. Or stick with 0.59.1, where it all works correctly.


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2 comments from me:

  • I don’t understand why Blackfriday should behave differently. That is a bug that should be fixed, which someone will eventually get to.
  • We fill eventually get Goldmark to Smartypans level. Someone will get it done.

That said, I’m still totally convinced that the Goldmark move was a right one, althoug a short term painful one.