Special characters like dot and slash in title and using :title or :slug in permalink

I had this permalink set up for posts.

  post: "/post/:year/:month/:day/:slug"

The problem I notice was that characters like a dot or a forward slash in the posts title did not get replaced in the generated permalink for the post. I have solved it by using “:filename” but that is not optimal for me since I would like to include post number etc. in the filenames.

This example title

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet/consectetur do example.org

generates the following permalink


I had hoped it would become


What is the best way to solve this? Is it a bug or expected behaviour?

You can set the slug in the pages with “problematic” front matter.

But it sounds like a bug, which you should register at GitHub.

Thanks, using slugs now. Will open an issue on GitHub

@frjo opened a ticket, for folks looking:


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