How can substring the slug for my custom URL

Hi guys:

I had make my blog site content folder in my custom style, like blow style:

my content folder style

so you can see that the file name formatter is: month-day-title, and I had set the Permalinks parameter as "post = “/:year/:month/:day/:slug/” style.

But I want the browser URL link look like this : http://domain/2010/09/05/jquery-ajax-struts1.html , so who can tell me how I can set this formatter come true.

Thanks all.

If you have the following in your frontmatter:

slug: "jquery-ajax-struts1"

then your setup will work.

@davidsneighbour Thanks. This solution I had used in past, but I don’t want maintain this parameter in every md file. So is there have some function can do that, just like substr function , is it can support this request?