Slug issues

I have a blog post titled something like “This is my title/headline”. This was being built into /blog/2013/12/12/this-is-my-title/headline/. It seems the forward slash is being interpreted as another directory instead of being converted to a dash. No problem, i figured i’d just set the slug and force the URL to be what i want. However, slug appears to be doing nothing. Am i missing something?


title: "This is my title/headline"
slug: "this-is-my-title-headline"
date: 2013-12-12

I’m not sure what the default behavior is supposed to be, but you can force it to use the slug by changing the permalink settings in your config file.

Ah yes so instead of:

  blog: /blog/:year/:month/:day/:title/

you do:

  blog: /blog/:year/:month/:day/:slug/

and if there is no :slug it falls back to :title

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